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You’ve found us, you are now in-the-know! GEBOU Executive Transport service is a private transportation service comprised of a vetted network of customers that enjoy the finer things. We don’t buy advertisements or spam emails…if you enjoyed your trip, then we know you will share your experience with someone else! Our service contains 3 things… Style, Comfort and Reasonable Rates! We provide a variety of services from typical travel to tailored excursions. Feel free to explore the site and take advantage of some special packages!

YOUR. TIME. IS. VALUABLE. Be productive or simply relax and enjoy your excursion from the very beginning without having to deal with the stress of traffic jams or finding parking. Forget about taking multiple cars, rideshares or crowded public transportation to special occasions…. you can now travel in an affordable door-to-door service, ‘woo’ a client or just treat yourself and friends!

Exclusive Promo Excursions!

  • Baltimore Harbor
  • Washington DC
  • Atlantic City
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  • Dinners
  • Brunches
  • Wineries
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*Prices in  promo packages are for those only, and cannot be  modified or amended.

- LAUNCH Mid 2019. All info and web-links will be active closer to launch date. -

- Currently getting funding and licenses. Stay Tuned! -

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email: info@bldg-7.com

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