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You want to produce a quality podcast and need assistance?

We offer 3 packages from the hands-off to the do-it-yourself podcaster.

From personal to professional grade audio, we have the solution for every situation!

We also can consult or provide all the recording equipment you’ll need to get started!

For clients who want us to handle all recordings, editing and mastering, our engineer can arrive on-site and take your project from start to finish!

Do we offer remote consultation and assistance? YES!

We’ll take care of the production from beginning to end!

No  need to buy equipment or learn software.  With this all inclusive package our engineer will show up with our professional mobile rig right to your location, set-up and record your session.  We will then take a few days to edit  and master the file. We will then e-mail you the finished file!


We’ll assist in getting you all the tools to get started!

After a consultation on what scale you intend on producing, we’ll recommend the best hardware and will assist in setup. We’ll also assist in setting up your recording software. After a short training session, you will be off and running recording on your own!


You’ve recorded , here’s some additional services you may need!

Background music and Sound effects.

Podcast registrations, Editing & Mastering (not included in Start-Up Package)


Why employ our services? Listen and hear the difference!

We will be posting ‘before’ and ‘after’ samples here soon!

Meantime, send us your file and we can return a sample of what we can do with your project!

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contact: info@BLDG-7.com